During the 10 day session, most days will consist of small group activities, listening to a speaker from the community, and (weather permitting) time outside at the dedicated Safety Town site.

Here is an overview of topics and speakers we plan in the curriculum:

Fire Safety

Fire Safety curriculum includes a visit to the Barrington Fire Station to meet the fire fighters, see their equipment, and learn important lessons about what to do in case of a fire.

Barrington Fire Department website

Supplies information on the department and its services including CPR, fire extinguisher training and fire prevention.

Fire Safe Kids website

This is a website just for kids regarding fire safety.  Inside you'll find lots of things to help you learn more about fire safety.

Stranger Danger

Officer Friendly visits with the campers to discuss Stranger Danger.  Songs and games reinforce lessons.   Officers also reinforce what a police officer does and what tools he uses to do his job.  Campers will also learn when/how to dial 911.  Camp includes a trip to the Barrington Police Station to see where the officers work.

Barrington Police Department website – provides an overview of services provided by the department as well as a list of links to other related sites.

Stranger Danger / National Center for Missing and Exploited Children website

This is primarily for parents and has great information on helping your child stay safe.  Also, it has information on Internet Safety for children and teens.

Poison COntrol

A school nurse visits Safety Town to teach the campers the dangers of household poisons, including cleaning supplies and pharmaceuticals.

good touch/bad Touch

Victor Pacini of Be Seen Be Heard will present his Erin's Law Presentation, "Be Seen and Heard"

Good Touch Bad Touch – gives information on how to have the difficult discussion regarding abuse with your children.

Pet and Toy Safety

Children learn how service dogs keep people safe, discuss how to observe good safety rules with their toys, and learn about animal safety. 

Toy Safety website– This site for parents list toys that are deemed unsafe by state public interest groups based on reports of adverse events.