June 30, 2019

Barrington Junior Women’s Club awards scholarships each year to Barrington High School students who have demonstrated a strong commitment to community service and who have made a significant impact to our area through their dedication to local service. This year’s awards dinner was held at Barrington Hills Country Club on June 4th, honoring the students and their families. Each student shared a few words on what their high school service experience meant to them and what plans they have for the future!

2019 BHS Scholarship Winners Anne MacDonald, Jeffrey Rosauer, Mark Nicoletti, Peter Lais, and Anita Gugulski

2019 BHS Scholarship Winners Anne MacDonald, Jeffrey Rosauer, Mark Nicoletti, Peter Lais, and Anita Gugulski

2019 Scholarship recipients:

BJWC Janice Clarke Presidential Scholarship


“The ability to make a profound impact as a high school student provides a feeling of unparalleled accomplishment and pride.”

Mark served as the President of Go Beyond Barrington, spending numerous hours volunteering and fundraising for the organization’s beneficiaries, donating over $40,000 in the past 3 years.  He was Vice President of the Barrington Area Community Foundation Youth Advisory Council and completed two Saint Anne mission trips. In total, he completed over 225 hours of community service during his high school career, in addition to participating in varsity track and football and keeping his GPA at the top of his class.

BJWC Community Service Scholarships


“A volunteer can’t attempt to make world peace or end world hunger at once. The biggest advances occur from making small changes within a community. Not just going through the motions, but putting heart and soul into it.”

Savannah earned over 400 service hours at numerous organizations including North Barrington Elementary School, Smart Farm of Barrington, Cuba Township Food Pantry, Barrington Giving Day, and Good Shepherd Hospital.  She regularly hosted Bingo Night at a local retirement home and was President of Barrington Buddies.


“The best and most meaningful experiences from my time in Barrington come from my service and it is crucial that we continue to foster a spirit of kinship in our community through volunteer work.”

Anita completed 280 hours of service. As a dedicated and accomplished Girl Scout, she earned the highest honor of the Gold Award.  She was also a valuable volunteer for Barrington Conservation Trust and Barrington Area Historical Society.


“Service can do amazing things. With enough hands, volunteers can reinforce any crack in society’s walls, no matter how severe; from building homes for the homeless to sheltering people from disaster, the possibilities are endless.”

Peter served over 260 hours, volunteering consistently with the patients at St. Alexius Medical Center and Good Shepherd Hospital.  He also served on a mission trip to West Virginia and was involved with Go Beyond Barrington. 


“Being able to see directly how my work impacts the community is its own reward for community service.”

Jeffery accumulated over 200 hours during his time at BHS.  His main service project was through Eagle Scouts where he designed, built, and installed three Little Lending Libraries throughout Barrington.  He was also very involved with the Community Meal organization.


Community service allows me to make a difference in the lives of others, not only through the gifting of materials but through the building of simple relationships. My favorite part about volunteering is building relationships with those whom I serve.”

Kristina had 240 service hours volunteering through Broncos Committed, The Community Meal, and Girl Code.  Kristina also spent one week on a church mission trip to West Virginia.  


“I am certain that the lessons of patience, love and dedication that I have learned while volunteering will be with me for the rest of my life, and I am extremely grateful that Barrington has provided me with such dynamic volunteering opportunities.”

Ann completed over 290 of community service with a focus on helping children. She served as a Youth Coach for Girls on the Run and Counselor at Safety Town for several summers.


Barrington Junior Women’s Club awards 2 types of scholarships each year, with $24,000 being awarded in May 2019. BJWC is the largest total monetary donor to Barrington High School’s scholarships for college-bound seniors. Each June, BJWC honors the scholarship winners at our last meeting of the year. It also provides the opportunity for our members to meet the winners and learn more about their community service efforts

The BJWC Janice Clarke Presidential Scholarship, established in 2008, is a single scholarship awarded to a young person who displayed outstanding excellence in academics throughout high school. Applicants must be in the top 25% of the class and be involved as a leader in one or more extra-curricular activities.

Community Service scholarships are granted to five Barrington High School seniors who have displayed a strong and consistent record of community volunteering in line with BJWC’s mission and dedication to serving the Barrington area. Applicants must have a minimum of 100 hours of community service to apply.

Criteria is listed below for each one:

Janice Clark Presidential Scholarship – a single scholarship awarded to a Barrington High School Senior student who displays leadership, outstanding excellence in academics, and community service throughout high school. Applicants must be in the top 25% of the class and be involved as a leader in one or more extra-curricular activities and have 100 hours of volunteer service during high school.

Community Service Scholarships – five separate scholarships are awarded to Barrington High School seniors to recognize outstanding service to the community. Students must have served the community 200 hours or more over four years and have a minimum GPA of 3.2.

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Scholarship timeline

Scholarship Timeline and Application Process

FEB 1 - BHS sends out applications

MARCH 1 - Applications due

MAY 7 - Scholarship Night at Barrington High School  

JUNE 4 - BJWC Scholarship Dinner


2019 Scholarship recipients

BJWC Janice Clarke Presidential Scholarship ($6,000)

Mark Nicoletti

Community Service Scholarships ($3,000 each):

Savannah Born

Anita Gugulski

Peter Lais

Jeffrey Rosauer

Kristina Lymperis

Anne MacDonald