Barrington Junior Women’s Club awards 2 types of scholarships each year, with $24,000 being awarded in May 2018. BJWC is the largest total monetary donor to Barrington High School’s scholarships for college-bound seniors. Each June, BJWC honors the scholarship winners at our last meeting of the year. It also provides the opportunity for our members to meet the winners and learn more about their community service efforts

The BJWC Janice Clarke Presidential Scholarship, established in 2008, is a single scholarship awarded to a young person who displayed outstanding excellence in academics throughout high school. Applicants must be in the top 25% of the class and be involved as a leader in one or more extra-curricular activities.

Community Service scholarships are granted to five Barrington High School seniors who have displayed a strong and consistent record of community volunteering in line with BJWC’s mission and dedication to serving the Barrington area. Applicants must have a minimum of 100 hours of community service to apply.

Criteria is listed below for each one:

Janice Clark Presidential Scholarship – a single scholarship awarded to a Barrington High School Senior student who displays leadership, outstanding excellence in academics, and community service throughout high school. Applicants must be in the top 25% of the class and be involved as a leader in one or more extra-curricular activities and have 100 hours of volunteer service during high school.

Community Service Scholarships – five separate scholarships are awarded to Barrington High School seniors to recognize outstanding service to the community. Students must have served the community 200 hours or more over four years and have a minimum GPA of 3.2.

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Scholarship timeline

Scholarship Timeline and Application Process

FEB 1 - BHS sends out applications

MARCH 1 - Applications due

MAY 7 - Scholarship Night at Barrington High School  

JUNE 4 - BJWC Scholarship Dinner


2018 Scholarship recipients

BJWC Janice Clarke Presidential Scholarship ($6,000)

Gabrielle Eckersall

Community Service Scholarships ($3,000 each):

Reed Bower

Lauren Caffe

Margaret Horak

Kara Ingram

Julia Shein

Dua’e' Zaide

Barrington Junior Women's Club Honors Seven BHS 2018 Graduates With Scholarships

June 13, 2018

Barrington Junior Women’s Club awards scholarships each year to Barrington High School students who have demonstrated a strong commitment to community service and who have made a significant impact to our area through their dedication to local service.

All photos courtesy of Bob Lee

2018 Scholarship recipients:

Reed Bower

Reed has given over 500 service hours over 4 years by volunteering in the school district and our community, at his church and the Boy Scouts, where he has achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. Reed plans on attending Case Western Reserve University.

Lauren Caffe

Lauren had over 340 service hours volunteering through many school clubs and in the community. She has spent many hours as a camp counselor during her summers, assisting children with disabilities. Lauren will be attending Bowdoin College.

Margaret Horak

Margaret had over 430 hours of community service through a wide range of organizations in our community and at the high school. She has been a leader in the organizations Let It Be Us and Hope’s In, helping to raise much-needed funds. She will be attending the University of Illinois.

Kara Ingram

Kara has close to 500 service hours in the community. In hopes of bringing awareness to children with illness at Lurie Children’s Hospital, she was a large part in bringing the Dance Marathon to BHS, fundraising for those in need. She will be attending Northwestern University in the fall.

Julia Shein

Julia had over 500 hours volunteering with many clubs throughout high school and at Willow Creek, where she has put in many hours working with the Penguin Project. Julia is attending Butler University.

Dua’e Zaidi

Dua’e had over 300 hours of service, working with NISRA, KEY Club and founded Autism Ambassadors, raising autism awareness through the school and community. She is attending Case Western Reserve University.

BJWC Janice Clarke Presidential Scholarship

This scholarship was established to honor Janice Clarke, an outstanding community leader, volunteer and past President of BJWC. It is awarded to one student who demonstrated strong leadership skills, exemplary character and a focus on community service.

This year’s recipient is Gabrielle Eckersall.

Gabrielle had over 850 hours of community service for over 4 years. She founded the Girl Effect, an organization dedicated to empowering and educating girls, women, and children locally and globally, by raising funds and leading girl empowerment camps. She will be attending Texas Christian University.